Baby Nursery Decorating Color Guide

Not sure what color to decorate your nursery? 

Choosing the right color for the nursery walls isn’t just about what looks good or putting up your favorite color.  The color you choose for your baby’s nursery can have a big impact on the calmness and overall look and feel of the nursery.

Here’s a simple color guide to help you set the right mood for your baby’s nursery:

Warm Colors - Red, Yellow, Orange.

Red - Red is a powerful color which promotes energy… probably not the best nursery color!  It’s just too bright and over stimulating.  If you really like your reds opt for a more terra cotta version and try to keep it to one wall only.

Orange - Is less dramatic than red and still just as warm.  I like orange for older kid’s rooms but think it’s still a little too stimulating.  If you have a dark or north facing room you can try a putting a not too bright shade of orange along one wall.  This will make the room a little warmer but still calm.

Yellow - Yellow is actually quite popular in nurseries but not very good in terms of calmness.  A bright yellow can actually cause anxiety and over stimulation in babies and children.  If you want to create a calm environment, my suggestion is stay away from any shade of yellow in the nursery.  If you really must have yellow then try to stick to one wall only.

Cool Colors - Blue, Green, Violet

Blue - Blue is the perfect choice for bedrooms.  It’s soothing and can create a relaxing feeling which will help lull baby to sleep.  If you have a little girl, blue can actually be quite feminine.  Stick with a pastel shade of blue and accessorize with pale pink, green or yellow and lots of white for a feminine feel.

Green - Green is the color of nature and is certainly calming and relaxing.  This is also a great choice for nurseries.  It suits both boys and girls rooms and can be incorporated into a variety of themes.  If you choose a classic shade of green you can easily live with it for several years.

Violet/Lilac - One of the favorite little girl colors.  Violet is a very soothing color which is perfect for bedrooms.  For babies stick with a pastel shade of lilac and accessorize with light greens or pinks.




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